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The Boat Inspection iPad app facilitates pre-purchase boat
inspections due to a wide range of thorough reports.

Back Story

Before the app times customer had been using Pages on iPad, but to have clear and easy to use documentation he was lacking specific features so he asked us to solve their issues.

He was aiming to reduce the time it took to create a vast range of reports while making them the most customized and comprehensive.

Project Description

The Boat Inspection iPad application is intended for a company that provides pre-purchase boat inspections. Our team has built an app facilitates boat inspection process.

Creating numerous reports with the app became very prompt, precise and informative, that allows you to enhance matching proper options for potential customers.

App Capabilities

  • Secure Authorization
  • “My Report”
  • Editing Report with Scalable Sections
  • Set of Templates
  • Report Search
  • Intuitive Navigation Bar
  • General and Defects Sections
  • Photo Editor

My Report

On “My Report” screen users can see the list of reports for all customers and search required reports by name or any general information like boat model, client name, and ect.

At the list of My Reports displayed: type of boat/yacht, type of work, who inspection prepared for and users enable to browse any additional info by one click.

You can view the report as a PDF file, duplicate, edit or delete them, share a full report or send only “defects” sections of it.

Report & Templates

You can create a fully custom report from scratch with all necessary fields and sections.

Or whether, you can save your time by using a wide range of templates, which was built on specifics of most popular types of boats and yacht. In this way, you boost the reports generation process.

Photo Editor

Real photos of a boat or yacht are the best proof of its high-level quality. However, they enable prove defects worth knowing by a customer.

You can easily edit a photo so you don ‘t miss any crucial details.

With Photo Editor you can crop or rotate photos, add colour arrows to focus on essential points.

General & Defects Sections

General Section is required and can’t be removed from the report or template for high precise level.

Defects section is a list of defects, notes, and photos with search bar, filter and list of items.

Business Benefits

The process of pre-sale inspection of boats and yachts is crucial for a successful transaction and goodwill in general. Each report should be witnessed of the boat or yacht quality meanwhile be easy-to-interpret and exhaustive.

The process of creating, searching and screening of the necessary reports took a considerable amount of boat seller’s time and customer time.

Currently, report generating is very prompt, precise and informative due to the app that allows sharing PDF files with a potential client easier.

The app allows to optimize the work with customers and enable sellers to pick up the best options without missing any essential detail.

Technology Stack and Instruments


  • 2 iOS Developers
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer


  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance

Languages & Tools:

  • iOS – Swift
  • Design – Figma, Miro

Scope of Work

  • 73 – screens
  • 610 – hours
  • 6 – people


Leona Townsend
Owner, SaleSea

The team is an excellent partner that distinguishes themselves from other vendors. They excelled at prioritizing tasks within a complex workload. The team is fully dedicated, works seamlessly and their deep engagement push them to offer many app optimizations. Expertise and meticulousness are hallmarks of their work.

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